Tribology eSource | May 2016

Lubrication Starvation
by David Doyle, CLS, OMA I & II, General Manager, Tribology
Co-Author Gary Blevins, North American Operations Manager

Whether operating equipment is grease lubricated or is oil lubricated, lubrication starvation can hasten equipment damage and unplanned downtime. Lubrication starvation will create extreme temperatures, accelerated wear, and increased buildup of contaminants.

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Hydrolytic Stability (Hydrolysis) of Synthetic Ester-Based Lubricants
by David Doyle, CLS, OMA I & II
General Manager, Tribology

Esters are an assorted family of synthetic lubricant base stocks which can be engineered to meet particular performance properties. These products are primarily known for hydraulic system applications. Synthetic ester-based oils exhibit excellent biodegradation, good lubricating characteristics, fire resistance, and low-toxicity characteristics.

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Calling All Maintenance Professionals
by Fran Christopher, OMA I
Director, Marketing and Business Development

ALS Tribology is pleased to offer the following training workshops:

Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Workshop
Those responsible for oil sampling, reviewing oil analysis reports and performing the correct tests, and maintaining overall care of equipment/maintenance actions will gain excellent insight into oil analysis and equipment lubrication.

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