ALS Tribology Offers Basic and Advanced Grease Testing and Analysis
by Fran Christopher OMA I
Director, Marketing & Business Development

ALS Tribology is pleased to announce the availability of Grease Thief® sampling supplies and related testing.  The Grease Thief® technology allows for repeatable and representative grease samples that provide early indication of issues related to grease degradation, contamination, and wear. These tools and kits comply with the standards found in ASTM D7718, and are being utilized by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Recommended Practices. Detailed analysis of representative samples obtained and analyzed by using Grease Thief® sampling kits can then be used directly in the Grease Thief Analyzer, following the newly issued ASTM D7918-15, to produce a streamlined analysis of wear, consistency, oxidation and contamination conditions of the grease.

ALS is offering two grease analysis packages:

Basic Grease Analysis (GRX001)

includes an evaluation of the condition of the grease, determines the extent of mixing with a foreign grease, detects oxidation, measures the depletion of anti-oxidant additives, and categorizes the extent of wear present in the sample.  The Basic Grease Analysis package is the laboratory default.  All samples received will receive the Basic Grease Analysis package.

Advanced Grease Analysis (GRX002)

In addition to the analysis conducted in the Basic Grease Analysis, the advanced package also identifies the effects of mixing of greases, excessive grease working, or severe in-service degradation on its properties. This package is available upon special request only.

ALS is supplying the Grease Thief® Sampling Kit for Pillow Block Bearings.  Each sample kit includes eight (8) sleeves which include one each of the following:

  • 10cc plastic syringe
  • Plastic spatula
  • Grease Thief® with yellow cap
  • Shipping tube
  • Blank equipment label
  • Shipping envelope
  • Instruction card for sampling

To learn more about grease analysis, pricing, or to order sampling kits, please contact our Valley View, Ohio laboratory at 216-674-4600 or email