Using Webtrieve™ to Manage Your Equipment List
by Ariell Hendricks, OMA I
Client Services Coordinator

Did you know you can manage your asset listing with Webtrieve™?

ALS Tribology’s online system Webtrieve™ offers a variety of tools to manage your oil analysis program. Now, we’re making it easier than ever to manage your equipment online. With Webtrieve™, authorized users can:

  • Add new units and compartments.
  • Delete units that have been removed from service.
  • Modify or update existing equipment information such as; makes, models, serial numbers, and fluid information.

When adding or updating unit and compartment information, Webtrieve™ will show you what makes, models and fluids currently exist within your fleet. This saves search time when several assets are of the same manufacturer or use the same fluid. If the manufacturer or fluid is new to you, you can make a different selection from the entire ALS Tribology database.

In order to protect data integrity, there are some functions that are restricted and require the assistance of your customer service representative. These include:

  • Merging duplicated equipment
  • Requesting new Make/Models and Fluids be added to the database

While ALS maintains an extensive database of Make and Model combinations as well as Fluid Brand, Fluid Type and Grade information, there are instances when this information may not exist. For instance, products that are new to market may not yet appear in the database for selection. A customer service representative can help add this information or help guide you in the correct selection.

Users can request a brief tutorial and access to equipment maintenance for themselves and/or subordinates by contacting their local customer service representative.