Return on Investment Through In-Service Fluids Analysis

One of the best proven tools for measuring the value of a well managed in-service fluids analysis program is by measuring Return on Investment (RoI). This can also be one of the most difficult activities for asset owners to get their head around. Fortunately tools can be applied which will aid in measuring return on investment when partnering with your testing laboratory and establishing goals and measurables toward these goals.

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Ferrous Debris Monitoring by PQ Index

PQ Index (Particle Quantification) is available as a quick and cost effective monitoring tool for ferrous particles in your routine oil analysis reports. By monitoring the level of ferrous (iron) particles over a period of time we can predict accelerated wear that may not be detected as early using standard spectrochemical analysis tools. This is because most standard spectrochemical analysis method for wear metals can be limited by particle size (8 to 10 micron maximum).

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ALS will be exhibiting at the Reliable Plant 2018 conference & exhibition. This is a great event for machinery lubrication, oil analysis and reliability professionals. Visit ALS at booth #215 in Indianapolis, April 17-19, 2018. Speak to our reliability experts about our specialty in oil, fuel and coolant testing.

Plus, dont miss the Using Drones for Remote Oil Sampling learning session by our very own expert Michael Holloway. Oil sampling can be challenging in certain environments due to the location of the machinery. However, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones can accomplish tasks that would be difficult if not impossible for people. This presentation will detail the latest advances in drone technology that have made oil sampling easier in remote and hard-to-reach access points. Attendees will discover how drones can be used to sample oil from a variety of assets like wind turbines, where normally it would be expensive if not prohibitive for typical sampling protocols, as well as when the combination of oil sampling and unmanned aerial vehicles are a perfect match.

April 17, 1:30 pm – 2:20 pm. Room 136.

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