Best Guess? HD Diesel Engine Bearings & Sample Information

One of the fundamental tests in oil analysis is analyzing data from engine wear metals. This spectroscopic analysis test encompasses wear metals from the primary oil wetted components. As the oil circulates through the engine, microscopic wear metals from the engine components become trapped in colloidal suspension within the oil stream. Monitoring the concentration of these metals can be very helpful in detecting the early onset of abnormal elevated wear and monitoring the wear trend.

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Power Generation – a Dominant Force and Here to Stay.

In the early 1900’s, there were few reported cases of lubrication related failures in power generation turbines. In the 1920’s, oil quality was suspected in deposit tendencies. In the 1950s, oil oxidation problems were solved with just changing oil but it wasn’t until 1976 that General Electric reported the relationship between acid increase and how it was associated with deposit formation. Many power generation facilities were hydro power or fueled by coal.

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ALS tests for various types of turbine systems used for power generation, gas, steam, hydroelectric (hydraulic), and marine, in a dedicated environment at our accredited specialized laboratories. Routine turbine and industrial oil testing focuses on monitoring the level of contaminants, turbine oil service life, and the operating health of the power generation equipment. View our video and learn more about our turbine and industrial oil testing.

ALS Turbine and Industrial Oil Testing Video

Let ALS partner with your turbine power system reliability team! Test packages for routine, quarterly and annual testing regimes are available to meet plant reliability needs through our certified laboratories in North America and Australia. We can work with your OEMs and project engineers concerning new product receipt, changing from Type I to Type II base oil product formulations, product compatibility, monitor flushing, and varnishing issues. Expanded testing is available for added technical service and trouble shooting. Contact one of our client service representatives or technical representatives in North America or Australia for further information and assistance.

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ALS is the leading fluid analysis provider globally. For over half a century, customers have relied on us for comprehensive oil, fuel, coolant, metalworking and consulting services.

ALS offers standard analysis packages and over 150 specialized ASTM tests that cover any combination of conditions, fluids and applications. Our highly experienced professionals and accredited laboratories are dedicated to delivering unmatched services with quality results that are cost effective and prompt. Strategically located, ALS facilities provide regional access to testing services globally.

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