Using Oil Analysis to Trigger Wear Debris Analysis - Part I

There are various reasons why lubricated components fail. The reasons are categorized according to early failures, random or event dependent failures, and condition based failures. An early failure event may be the result of inadequate lubrication. When a system is at rest, unless the bearing has hydrostatic lubrication applied, the sliding surfaces will be in contact.

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When to Perform Wear Debris Analysis - Part II

Each asset has a life span. Often, it isn’t until premature failure occurs will an in depth investigation ensue. While inadequate lubrication, new component defects, the use of wrong components or materials, poor installation, or poor maintenance practices or workmanship are to blame, routine oil analysis combined with wear debris analysis might have indicated a pending failure.

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With Webtrieve™ Mobile, end user clients are now able to submit samples to the laboratory from the field using barcode reading technology. Download the ALS Webtrieve™ Mobile app and take advantage of this new sample submission feature. Simply scan, enter or search for your Unique Equipment Identifier or Compartment ID and enter your relevant sample information. Once you scan the barcode on your label or sample ID form, you can submit all of the information to the laboratory for processing. For more information, see our YouTube video or contact your local laboratory.

New to Webtrieve™ Mobile? Webtrieve™ Mobile allows clients to receive immediate sample alerts through their smart phone or tablet. Instant alerts are sent to users based on sample condition. Basic information such as unit ID, equipment type, and diagnostic commentary are displayed for rapid maintenance response and facilitating assessment to meet a client’s operational needs. Notifications can be set for all results or just for abnormalities.

Contact your local customer service representative to register. To find the Webtrieve™ Mobile app for Android or iOS, please visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for “ALS Tribology”.

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