New in 2016
by Fran Christopher, OMA I
Director of Marketing & Business Development

ALS Tribology is pleased to offer the following training workshops for North America:

Machinery Lubrication & Oil Analysis Workshop
Those responsible for oil sampling, reviewing oil analysis reports and performing the correct tests, and maintaining overall care of equipment/maintenance actions will gain excellent insight into oil analysis and equipment lubrication. This seminar provides training on lubrication fundamentals, oil sampling, oil cleanliness and contamination control as well as a data interpretation overview. Attendees taking this class will be prepared to take one of the following certification exams: the OMA I (STLE’s Oil Monitoring Analyst I) or the MLT I (ICML’s Machinery Lubrication Technician).

United States
Atlanta, GA | March 8-9
Houston, TX | March 15-16
Phoenix, AZ | May 3-4
Kansas City, KS | Sept. 13-14
Cleveland, OH | Oct. 18-19
Reno, NV | Nov. 8-9

Burlington, ON | April 19-20

Advanced Lubrication & Oil Analysis Workshop
This SuperCourse is a 4-day workshop intended to provide training for technicians and engineers involved with the overall lubrication and reliability of equipment. Attendees taking this advanced class will be prepared to take one of the following exams on the 5th day: OMA I (STLE’s Oil Monitoring Analyst I), MLA I (ICML’s Machine Lubricant Analyst ISO 18436-4, I) or MLT I (ICML’s Machinery Lubrication Technician). Attendees will become well-versed in lubrication and oil analysis as well as the proper storage and care of lubricants including dispensing devices and basic oil sampling. Content also covers contamination control, oil analysis for machine condition monitoring, including sampling, sample management, managing test results and performing simple diagnostics.

United States
Portland, OR | June 6-9

Edmonton, AB Canada | Oct. 3-6

These workshops are specifically designed for all maintenance professionals. Including, manufacturing & industrial engineers, predictive maintenance technicians, craftsmen & millwrights, maintenance managers, reliability engineers and all those who seek to improve their reliability programs. Click here for more information or to download our registration form. Have questions regarding the workshop? Email us.