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March 3, 2011

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Webtrieve™ 7.0 Released in North America
by Fran Christopher, OMA I
Director of Sales & Marketing

ALS Tribology is excited to announce the release of Webtrieve™ 7.0, our latest web application, to our customers in North America. This free, Internet-based software was developed by ALS with the customer in mind. It has a practical design, allowing fast access to view sample results (one click) or, for those with more time, detailed exception reporting. This proven and reliable software has been in use in various ALS Tribology locations around the world for more than ten years.

Customers who previously used Praxis™ will find that the Webtrieve™ application allows them much greater flexibility in managing and querying their test data. The system is easy to use and, because it is a secure, Internet-based program, allows clients access to data from anywhere in the world.  With Webtrieve™, customers have direct entry into our real-time global database of all samples processed by ALS laboratories regardless of laboratory location. More . . .

Sepia TruckLowering Viscosity CJ-4 Specification Oils
by David Doyle, CLS, OMA I & II
Vice President & Operations Manager

Trends toward lower viscosity CJ-4 oils will coincide with new 2014 federal fuel efficiency standards for over-the-road heavy duty diesel engines. OEMs are looking at lower viscosity CJ-4 oils as one of many ways to improve fuel economy in order meet the 2014 fuel efficiency requirements. There is currently a selection of SAE 10W30 engine oils that meet the CJ-4 requirement, with SAE 5W30 formulation now showing up on the market.

Lower viscosity HD diesel engine oils will be required to meet API/OEM approval so that engine manufacturers will know the fuel economy oils are still going to protect engines and not cause warranty claims to occur.  OEMs are very conscientious not to lose durability when moving to lower viscosity fluids, which will require oil formulations to meet the API performance requirements for engine protection and lubricant life. OEMs who do not manufacture engines for over-the-road applications (such as construction) may not see the need or desire to use a lower viscosity HD oil. Formulation changes to meet CJ-4 requirements for a lower viscosity oil can include friction modifiers or synthetic blends in order to maintain needed lubricity characteristics. More . . .

Training2011 Training Program Guide . . . Limited Registration Now Available for All North American Locations

ALS Tribology is offering a series of training workshops that will be conducted in our laboratories conveniently located across the U.S. and Canada. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the oil, fuel, coolant, and condition monitoring sectors of their in-house maintenance programs.

These one-day courses are specifically designed for maintenance professionals, lubrication and maintenance engineers, plant technicians, tradespeople and fitters, and other condition monitoring personnel. Registration is limited, so the small class sizes allow interaction with our expert trainers and other maintenance professionals. All workshops include training materials, lunch, and a tour of the local ALS laboratory.

Download our 2011 Training Program Guide for more information and to view the workshop schedule. The registration form is available on the back of the program guide.

Registration is on a first-come, first served basis, so register early to secure a spot in the workshop of your choice!

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