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September 16, 2009

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Lubricant Fundamentals & Oil Analysis Workshop
Embassy Suites Cleveland-Downtown Hotel
October 6 through 8, 2009

Our comprehensive and interactive two-day workshop offered in conjunction with STLE's OMA I exam review will be offered in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Embassy Suites Cleveland-Downtown hotel. The workshop will be held on October 6 and 7, and the OMA Level I certification exam will be offered the morning of October 8.

Learn tools you can use on the job to improve maintenance practices, receive an advanced understanding of lubrication maintenance practices, lubrication fundamentals, and oil analysis, and obtain the necessary education to prepare for the OMA I exam that will be offered on site on the morning following the workshop.

Download our workshop flyer and registration form to register by September 22 and take advantage of discounted registration fees. Contact us at 281-599-1242, x301, if you have any questions.

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Analytical Ferrography
AKA Wear Particle Analysis
by Patrick Kilbane, CLS, Sales Manager
& David Hagle, Regional Sales Manager

Wear Particle Analysis is just what it sounds like: the identification of wear particles in a lubricant and the assessment of those particles to determine the condition of the equipment. As the sizes and quantities of wear particles increase, so does the risk of failure due to wear.

Ferrography allows us to determine if metal particles are ferrous or non-ferrous based on how they align in the magnetic field. We can also heat treat the particles in order to identify the basic metallurgy. Lubricant degradation products can be seen on the slides as thickened deposits of translucent materials. Particles such as fibers, corrosive wear materials, sand, dirt, and other elements can also be identified. More . . . .

Oil Analysis Improves Buyer Confidence
The Case of Automobile Auctions

by Tom Hunsaker, Regional Sales Manager

In addition to saving consumers money by impacting preventive maintenance practices, oil analysis is proving to be an asset in the resale value of equipment.  For example, in the automobile auction industry, vehicles with oil analysis data sell faster and at higher retail prices than those without these records. 

ALS Staveley recently tracked the experiences of a national automobile auction house. Side-by-side comparisons of vehicles that were listed without oil analysis information to those that were listed with oil analysis information revealed the impact that this data has on vehicle sales. More . . .

Who We Are

ALS Laboratory Group's Tribology Division (formerly Staveley Services Fluids Analysis) is one of the leading fluid analysis groups in North America. For nearly half a century, customers have relied on us for comprehensive oil, fuel, coolant, metalworking, and consulting services. As part of the ALS Laboratory Group, we are now a global provider of analytical testing services. Our customers are assured an even greater range of analytical chemistry and testing services from the first truly global independent equipment condition-monitoring services provider.

ALS Tribology Division offers standard analysis packages and over 100 specialized ASTM tests that cover any combination of conditions, fluids, and applications. Our highly trained and experienced professionals are committed to providing unmatched services with quality results that are cost effective and prompt. Strategically located, the Tribology Division's facilities provide regional access to testing services throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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